Nostalgic Software Upgrades SteamTRAIN to version 2.0

| News announced the immediate availablity of a major upgrade to its SteamTRAIN software on Monday. Version 2.0 added extensive new features such as OpenGL accelerated graphics, night and day runs, multiple screen configurations, larger coaches and freight cars and a dispatcher.

The SteamTRAIN software is a realistic simulation of a railroad system with an 1800s style steam train. The Nostalgic Software Website describes it as follows: "Your train will travel between stops, up and down grades, negotiate curves, switch tracks, and couple/uncouple cars. Controls include the throttle, boiler pressure, traction sand, three brake types, manual couplers, and track switches."

SteamTRAIN is designed to simulate the real train experience with accurate dynamics, yet simple controls for all ages. The software is designed to work on Macintoshes built within the last five years and is Mac OS X only. The system requirements are: 600 MHz CPU, 16 MB of VRAM, and Mac OS 10.2.3 or later. The software is not yet a universal binary, but Nostware says that it "runs great" on a MacBook (under Rosetta.)

SteamTRAIN is for all ages, five and up, and is priced at US$20. Registration includes a year of free updates.

SteamTRAIN 2

SteamTRAIN 2

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