Not As Portable, But More Cool: Gameboy Emulator Available

Derrick Smith has announced the release of a Gameboy emulator, Victoly Boy, for Macintosh. Victoly boy allows Mac users to play many of the original black and white Gameboy titles. According to Mr. Smith:

Derek Smith, author of the Macintosh SCHIP-48 emulator, Crazy-8, would like to announce the public availability of a new Gameboy emulator, Victoly Boy!

Victoly Boy allows your Macintosh to play the original black and white Gameboy games by emulating the Gameboy hardware. Victoly Boy comes with several freeware Gameboy games and demos as well. Thanks to the efforts of some pre-beta testers, Victoly Boy is much faster and more feature complete than the alpha test version offered in July of this year.

Victoly Boy is available for free from Mr. Smithis web site.