Not At A Computer During The Keynote? No Problem!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- In the event that work, school, or travel demands mean that you will be unable to get in front of a computer during Steve Jobsi keynote address in less than three hours time (9:00 a.m. PT) to tap into The Mac Observeris live coverage, Brian Stucki has created a Web page that can be accessed from WML-support cell phones and will feature the basic details on all of Appleis new products as theyire announced.

Stucki will be in attendance at the keynote updating the page from his own cell phone. The idea came to build such a service occurred to him when it turned out his a friend would be in class and unable to watch the news as it happens. More details on the development can be found in his blog.

Cell phone users should point their phoneis browser to to tap into the page, which has already been updated with the comment "six am and the line is well out the door. the rain is fallin."