Not So Fast: Radeon Holds Its Own Against GeForce2 MX

Inside Mac Games has posted an in-depth comparison between ATIis Radeon AGP and NVIDIAis GeForce2 MX graphics cards. Although the addition of NVIDAis cards to the Mac product line, and especially the anticipation of the GeForce3, have generated a host of positive press for NVIDIA, the IMG review clearly indicates that ATIis Radeon card might currently be the best solution. According to IMG:

Buying Advice: Youire a gamer in the market for a new gaming machine. What should you choose? Radeon? GeForce2 MX? Frankly, I find it hard to recommend a GeForce2 MX to anyone. This is not a knock on NVIDIA by any means. They have an outstanding product that has dominated the low end PC market. If this were a PC gaming website and you were on a budget, I would point you towards the NVIDIA aisle.

The truth is, the Radeon is just a more powerful card. It has a higher fillrate, uses DDR-memory, and mature drivers to boot. I have no doubt that NVIDIA will improve their drivers, but no matter which way the PR representative rearranges the words, the GeForce2 MX simply cannot compete. It is definitely impressive at low resolution, but even todayis G4s are able to handle high resolutions with little problems. To top it all off, you can replace the GeForce2 MX with a Radeon for no additional cost at the Apple Store.

You can read the entire, very detailed article, at the Inside Mac Games Web site.