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As part of the research note to clients TMO covered earlier on Tuesday, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster also released "notable quotes" that were collected during a survey of 200 people that gauged interest in an Apple-branded iPhone. Those comments ranged from "What is an iPod?" to "I would buy one in an instant," offering an interesting and across the board snap-shot of interest in such a device.

Refer to TMOis full coverage on the survey itself for more information on the overall results.

From the survey:

Notable Quotes From Our Survey Relating To Apple "iPhone" Interest.

  • It would be cool!
  • That would be awesome.
  • What is an iPod?
  • Sounds like something my son would buy.
  • If it fits my needs, there would be no price I wouldnit buy it for.
  • Donit know much about Apple because they donit advertise.
  • Iim going to buy a PalmPilot phone in the near future. They sell for around $300 so I would pay about the same.
  • Depends on whatis in the phone.
  • Compared to a razr, that sounds awesome.
  • That sounds great.
  • Wouldnit spend more than $400.
  • How big is it going to be?
  • That sounds cool.
  • That would be really cool.
  • I donit an iPod cell phone because I trash my cell phone, and I donit want to trash my iPod.
  • I have no interest in listening to music on my phone.
  • Sounds really cool.
  • Number of songs is important.
  • Have too many gadgets already.
  • Has to be good.
  • It would be great.
  • I donit know what an iPod is.
  • Since I donit use an iPod, I donit want an iPod phone.
  • Iim not into computers and music.
  • An iPod phone would be really popular.
  • Itis what Apple needs to do and I bet a lot of people would buy them.
  • I donit like to have too many gadgets in one.
  • I wouldnit buy one unless it was $200 and size was small.
  • Largely depends on size.
  • I already have both, a cell phone and an iPod, but if I didnit have both, I would buy it.
  • I would never buy anything from Apple.
  • Heck yea, Iill buy it. I really like the idea.
  • After my current cell phone contract expires, I would consider it.
  • Heck yea I would.
  • Iid buy one for $200-$300 and turn around and sell it for $500.
  • I would buy one in an instant.
  • I donit have an iPod because there is no way I can get the songs onto the iPod since I donit have a computer.
  • How big is it? I donit want anything monstrous.
  • What if I lose my cell phone? I will lose my iPod and my cell phone including my songs and my numbers. I donit want to take that risk.
  • Are they going to do that?!
  • If I already own an iPod and a cell phone, why would I want one more of each?

*In the interest of full disclosure, the author holds a small share in AAPL stock that was not an influence in the creation of this article.

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