Notable Quotes from Analyst iPhone Survey

As part of the research note to clients TMO covered earlier on Tuesday, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster also released "notable quotes" that were collected during a survey of 200 people that gauged interest in an Apple-branded iPhone. Those comments ranged from "What is an iPod?" to "I would buy one in an instant," offering an interesting and across the board snap-shot of interest in such a device.

Refer to TMOis full coverage on the survey itself for more information on the overall results.

From the survey:

Notable Quotes From Our Survey Relating To Apple "iPhone" Interest.

  • It would be cool!
  • That would be awesome.
  • What is an iPod?
  • Sounds like something my son would buy.
  • If it fits my needs, there would be no price I wouldnit buy it for.
  • Donit know much about Apple because they donit advertise.
  • Iim going to buy a PalmPilot phone in the near future. They sell for around $300 so I would pay about the same.
  • Depends on whatis in the phone.
  • Compared to a razr, that sounds awesome.
  • That sounds great.
  • Wouldnit spend more than $400.
  • How big is it going to be?
  • That sounds cool.
  • That would be really cool.
  • I donit an iPod cell phone because I trash my cell phone, and I donit want to trash my iPod.
  • I have no interest in listening to music on my phone.
  • Sounds really cool.
  • Number of songs is important.
  • Have too many gadgets already.
  • Has to be good.
  • It would be great.
  • I donit know what an iPod is.
  • Since I donit use an iPod, I donit want an iPod phone.
  • Iim not into computers and music.
  • An iPod phone would be really popular.
  • Itis what Apple needs to do and I bet a lot of people would buy them.
  • I donit like to have too many gadgets in one.
  • I wouldnit buy one unless it was $200 and size was small.
  • Largely depends on size.
  • I already have both, a cell phone and an iPod, but if I didnit have both, I would buy it.
  • I would never buy anything from Apple.
  • Heck yea, Iill buy it. I really like the idea.
  • After my current cell phone contract expires, I would consider it.
  • Heck yea I would.
  • Iid buy one for $200-$300 and turn around and sell it for $500.
  • I would buy one in an instant.
  • I donit have an iPod because there is no way I can get the songs onto the iPod since I donit have a computer.
  • How big is it? I donit want anything monstrous.
  • What if I lose my cell phone? I will lose my iPod and my cell phone including my songs and my numbers. I donit want to take that risk.
  • Are they going to do that?!
  • If I already own an iPod and a cell phone, why would I want one more of each?

*In the interest of full disclosure, the author holds a small share in AAPL stock that was not an influence in the creation of this article.

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