Notebook Review Previews Airport Express, Including Pictures

AirPort Express has generated a lot of excitement in the computing world, on both the Mac and PC sides of the fence. Anecdotal evidence making its way into TMO suggests that many have already ordered the device, which is due to arrive on shelves in July.

Those looking for more in-depth information or specifications beyond what Apple provides may want to read the "In Depth Preview" posted by Notebook Review. In the article, AirPort Express is literally dissected and otherwise examined closely, including such things as the instruction manual and other aspects of the device. From the article:

The Apple AirPort Express with AirTunes will be available starting in July. However, we have detailed pictures, specifications and setup instructions for the AirPort Express so you can be prepared for when this product finally arrives!

The preview includes photos and pictures, and is a good read for those who just canit wait. So, stop by Notebook Review for the full article.