Nothing More Fun Than Elves Busting Balls

Blockdot has released a new game for the holiday season called Elf Balls. Elf Balls is a strategy game designed to alleviate boredom. According to Blockdot:

Hey guys,

Well itis the holiday season so what did Mike and I have to go and do? Yup, hammer out another punchy Elf game. Hope you enjoy it. After all, itis Friday, take a long lunch and play with our newest game - Elf Balls. Just make sure to close your door so your boss doesnit see you goofing off. Hope all is well in the new year.

Elf Balls:

It all began many years ago at the North Pole. Elves, who are naturally attracted to bright, shiny objects, created this game of ball swapping and busting. If you canit find a way to match three, then use the Ball Juggler to really shake them up. But remember, you can only juggle your balls three times. After all, Santais keeping a list and checking it twice.

You can find more information about Elf Balls at the Kewlbox Web site. Elf Balls is available freeware.

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