November 14th, 2000

There are lots of great articles, and some really bad ones, on the Internet. Though we link to all of them at MacOS News Around The Web, some of them deserve special mention here. Most of what we will mention within these pages will be among the best, but on occasion we will talk about articles that are so bad or so wrong we just have to say something. Consider them mini-editorials on our part about things we think you might also be interested in.

Best [2:30 PM] Mac Night Owl - The Mac OS X Public Beta: Was it Worth It?
We were all longing for Beta before it was released, well I was anyway, and now that it is here was the wait worth it? No matter what you think of the first public incarnation of Appleis next OS, one thing is for does represent a Mac useris future. This article takes a cool handed look at Beta, and the future it represents. Our favorite quote from this piece:

I think itis obvious they didnit put up that page for window dressing. I do not expect drastic changes between now and the final release of Mac OS X. Itis a sure thing Aqua wonit go away and that there will be a Dock. However, Iim also sure there will be differences, and that user feedback will be, in part, responsible for the changes that will occur.

Good points, for sure. Be sure to check out our own Rodney O. Lainis views on the same subject. Reviewer - Kyle DiAddario

Best [2:30 PM] Low End Mac - Macs To Have Intel Inside
Ah yes, Macs to use Intel chips. At first, it sounds like a great idea, and then when one thinks about it the idea sounds horrible, and then after further examination it doesnit sound so bad again. The key would be to make OS X run on Intel chips ONLY in Apple hardware, but I digress. This article by our favorite rumor hound says that it is already a done deal...sort of. Our favorite quote from the article:

Sources says that Intel is not likely to change the name of the chip, but they may merge the Pentium architecture with the PowerPC to create a hybrid chip. This hybrid would be backwards compatible with older x86 apps, but allow the PowerPC to have to majority of the processing capabilities.

Sure they will. You have to love Anne O.. :-) Reviewer - Kyle DiAddario

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