Now Available: "TiArmor" Protective Covers For PowerBooks

Vix, Inc. is now shipping TiArmor for laptop users. TiArmor is a protective cover designed to prevent or hide cosmetic paint wear on G4 PowerBooks. Two versions are available; clear for preemptive protection, and grey to hide worn high traffics surfaces. According to Vix:

Vix Inc., a leading provider of innovative solutions for the computer peripheral industry, introduced today the TiArmor series of laptop protection products for the Apple PowerBook G4. Composed of a soft, yet rugged, polyurethane material, TiArmor adds a thin layer of protection against scratches, oils, and dust for the high-traffic areas of a PowerBook. TiArmor is the first surface protection product available to prevent and/or cover noted paint-wear problems associated with this popular line of Apple laptop computers.

TiArmor, though simple in concept, represents a sophistication in design not found in other laptop protection products: the composite materials used are both impact-resistant and highly durable, yet supple and pleasing to the touch. TiArmor is available in two colors, Clear or Gray, and comes pre-molded for the front edge, wrist-rest area, and top cover sections of the PowerBook. TiArmor affixes with a simple process: just clean the surface, peel off the non-stick backing, and apply firmly.

"TiArmor provides better protection than anything else for my PowerBook, " says noted author and Macintosh enthusiast Bob "Dr. Mac " LeVitus. Other well-known TiArmor fans include Bruce Gee, former PowerBook product manager at Apple Computer and Mark Rolston, V.P. Creative and Digital Media at industry-leading frog design.

You can find more information about the TiArmor release at the Vix, Inc. Web site. TiArmor is available starting at US$13.99 for edge protection.