Now Synchronize Your Address Book With Your .Mac Account

Hereis a bit of news that will make .Mac users happy: Your Address Book on your local Mac (running Mac OS X) can now be synchronized with the Address Book at the .Mac Web site, as well as with other Macs you may own. Using iSync version 1.0, .Mac users can simply login and follow the extremely simple instructions to synchronize the entries in their local Address Book with entries they may have in their online .Mac Address Book.

Now, you can get to e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and any and all of the other information you may have in each entry of your Address Book anywhere and anytime you can get access to the Web. Whatis more, you can control what Address Book info is shown, and in what order, via the improved .Mac Address Book Preferences.

For more information stop by Appleis .Mac Web site.