Now Up-To-Date & Contact 4 Released

Power On Software has updated their popular Personal Information Management (PIM) application, Now Up-to-Date & Contact, to version 4. Now Up-to-Date & Contact allows users to easily manage a variety of information and also easily publish their calendar or contacts to the Internet. According to Power on Software:

The problem isnit getting organized; itis staying organized. Keeping up with where you have to be and when and who to call or meet with is tough. But no more! Now Up-to-Date & Contact helps you get organized and stay organized. You can easily display your calendar and contacts on your Mac, make appointments, enter and store information about the people you know and work with. Or leave your Mac behind! Sync your calendar and contacts with your Palm? compatible computer with the touch of a button using the most flexible and customizable solution available. Let Now Up-to-Date & Contact remind you about your appointments, help you enter new information easily and quickly and share information with others in your group or organization (or family)! Now Up-to-Date & Contact will quickly become the application you use and rely on most.

Let Now Up-to-Date & Contact Do It For You:

  • Find directions to your meeting!
  • Recommend a restaurant!
  • Publish your calendar or contacts to the Internet!
  • Schedule meetings for your entire organization - even around the world!
  • Manage your office, school, or family life!

The new version of Now Up-to-Date & Contact features:

  • Additional user-definable custom fields to allow greater flexibility in the storage of additional contact information
  • Additional Internet/email/phone fields to handle multiple email addresses, URL addresses, and communications data
  • Ability to view more detailed information in QuickContact, Power Onis instant-access contact locator
  • Shared keywords in multi-user environment
  • Migration tool that permits users to extract their data from Microsoft Entourage and automatically enter it into Now Up-to-Date & Contact
  • Full TCP/IP implementation for support of firewalls and NAT routing
  • One-click sorting and the ability to sort on multiple levels
  • Drag and drop layout capabilities for customized list view
  • Pop-up labeling of headers in list view
  • Ability to attach graphics to contact records (maps, pictures, logos, business cards, etc.)
  • Advanced on-line support system that includes HTML Help System and integrated web support that provides automated technical support with an online solutions database that is updated regularly, as well as direct email interface to technical support services and one-click access to FAQis; also contains tutorial calendar and contact demonstration for quick set-up and ease of use
  • Completely redesigned and updated interface, including user-definable background patterns, new toolbars, custom color selection
  • Auto-dialing of contact phone numbers
  • Ability to customize up to ten levels of prioritization
  • New AlphaBar for immediate access to contacts in list view
  • New calendar views including mini-calendar navigation tool for instantaneous modification of date view
  • Much more...

Now Up-to-Date & Contact is available via electronic download for US$119.95, or on CD for US$129.95. You can find more information at the Power On Software Web site.