Now Up-To-Date & Contact Updated With Server Enhancements

Now Software has released an update for Now Up-To-Date & Contact, bringing it to version 4.5.3. Now Up-To-Date & Contact is a contact and scheduling management app designed for business environments. The update features server enhancements and improved AppleScript support. According to now Software

Version 4.5.3 provides numerous updates, including improvements in server performance.

Version 4.5.3 [also] provides multiple improvements to the public event and contact servers that allow users to share their calendars and contact lists. Other improvements extended AppleScript support for Now Contact and improve banner display in Now Up-to-Date.

You can find more information about the Now Up-To-Date update at the Now Software Web site. The Now Up-To-Date & Contact update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$129.95.