O'Grady: Apple May Drop ATI

Apple currently uses ATI graphics chips in some of its Mac models, but that may change now that Intel rival AMD is purchasing the video card company. Jason OiGrady says in his ZDNet blog that Appleis relationship with Intel may put the Mac maker in a position where it will change to NVIDIAis chips. Now that Intel has announced that it is not renewing its ATI chipset bus license, it may put pressure on Apple to stop using ATI products as well.

Mr. OiGrady says "Will Intel allow Apple to continue to working with ATI on graphics after the company becomes wholly owned by rival AMD? I think that weill probably see Intel gently "suggest" that Apple switch to another vendor for graphics technology in 2007."

Apple already uses NVIDIA graphics technology in some of its Macs. The soon to be retired Power Mac G5 uses video cards from the GeForce line, and the Quadro FX 4500 is available as a built to order option. The Intel-based replacement for the G5, however, is rumored to come with ATIis Radeon X1600 Pro and X1800 Pro graphics cards.

If true, ATIis video cards may be short lived in Appleis pro desktop line up. Once the dust settles," he says, "I bet that all Macs from here on out will ship with graphics from either Intel or NVIDIA."