O'Reilly Announces Upcoming Mac OS X Conference

OiReilly & Associates has announced the upcoming events at this years Mac OS X Conference. The conference is designed as an in-depth look at Appleis latest software and hardware. This years presenters include David Pogue, Tim OiReilly, and Dan Wood to name a few. According to OiReilly & Associates:

Are you a developer who needs to tame Panther quickly? A system administrator who needs to integrate Macs into your enterprise? A CIO or design manager evaluating a switch to Mac OS X? If so, the second annual OiReilly Mac OS X Conference, happening at the Westin Santa Clara in Santa Clara, CA from October 27 to 30, can take you where you want to go with Appleis newest software and hardware.

The OiReilly Mac OS X Conference thoroughly explores Pantheris new offerings, as well as the fundamentals of Mac OS X development: technologies, methodologies, and techniques that save time and increase functionality.

The conference begins with one day of in-depth tutorials, which devote quality time to the exploration of important Mac OS X aspects. Three days of conference sessions follow, divided into five tracks: programming, scripting, sys admin and networking, media and publishing, and emerging topics.

Just a few of the many experts presenting at the conference include David Pogue, Adam Engst, Malcolm Crawford, Dan Wood, Andy Ihnatko, Terry Gaasterland, Tim OiReilly, James Duncan Davidson, Robb Beal, Daniel Steinberg, and Dan Frakes.

You can find more information about the upcoming Mac OS X Conference at the OiReilly & Associates Web site.