O'Reilly Now Shipping "TiVo Hacks" Book

OiReilly & Associates has published a new book titled "TiVo Hacks". Written by Raffi Krikorian, the new book decontructs the the TV top recorder and provides readers with customizable hacks. According to OiReilly & Associates:

Why hack your TiVo? As Raffi Krikorian explains, the TiVo has proven eminently hackable, to the point that there are communities of TiVo hackers springing up all over the Internet.

Just as TiVo offers viewers personalized control of their TVs, "TiVo Hacks" gives users personalized control of their TiVos. The book includes various types of hacks: hardware hacks, which require you to pop the top off your TiVo and fiddle with the innards, and software hacks, which require a little less manual dexterity but no less a sense
of adventure. And for the faint of heart, there are also remote control hacks that they can do from the comfort of their favorite armchair.

The high-powered tips and tools in "TiVo Hacks" explain how to:

  • Use your remote control to activate the 30-second skip to blaze through commercials, enable advanced wishlists, push fast-forward to the limit, and open the backdoor to further hacks
  • Upgrade your TiVois hard drive for all the recording time you want
  • Log in to the TiVo command line for access to programming data
  • Display caller-ID on your television, present digital slide shows, and play MP3s
  • Use TiVo on your home network to schedule recordings, access lists of recorded shows, and display your preferred programming on your Web site
  • Write your own TiVo programs in Tcl and C
  • Access TiVois Media Filesystem for programmatic access to show details--actors, directors, Thumbs-Up ratings, and more

You can find more information about "TiVo Hacks" at the OiReilly & Associates Web site. The book is available for US$24.95.