O'Reilly Publishes "Google Hacks, Second Edition"

OiReilly announced Thursday the second edition of Google Hacks, the tome dedicated to helping people get the most out of using Google. In addition to new searches and a reorganization of presented materials, Google Hacks, Second Edition includes information on using Gmail, Google Desktop (for Windows), Google Site Search, and tips on using Google AdWords.

Features, as listed by OiReilly:

  • Search smarter with Googleis flexible search syntax
  • Pull results from hard-to-reach places using the Google Web API and a little Perl, PHP, Python, Java, or .NET programming
  • Bring the power and flexibility of Google search to your desktop with Google Desktop and to your web site with Google Site Search
  • Break down the barriers to online advertising with Google AdWords and make money yourself with AdSense on your site
  • Gain a clear understanding of how Google looks at your site and learn more about Googleis famous PageRank algorithm
  • Change your e-mailing ways with Gmail, Googleis unique take on online correspondence

The title is priced at US$24.95, and you can find more information at OiReillyis site.