O'Reilly Publishes "Java 1.5 Tiger" [CORRECTION]

[Editoris Note: As noted in the comments, this new title from OiReilly is strictly about Java 1.5, which shares a code name with Appleis next major release of OS X, and is not Mac-specific. The article has been corrected accordingly.]

OiReilly has released a new title in its line of Java books called Java 1.5 Tiger: A Developeris Notebook. The title is intended to give Java developers an in-depth look at the next version of Sunis Java platform. From OiReilly:

The next version of Java, code-named Tiger, is more than just a minor update. With more than one hundred substantial changes to the core language and numerous library and API additions, developers will have a variety of new features, facilities, and techniques to master. But with so many changes, where do you start? You could read through the lengthy and occasionally boring language specification; you could wait for the newest 500-page tome on concepts and theory; you could even play around with the new JDK, hoping to figure things out on your own; or, you can get straight to work with "Java 1.5 Tiger: A Developeris Notebook"

This no-nonsense guide by bestselling Java authors Brett McLaughlin and David Flanagan sidesteps the dull prose and lecture and jumps right into the jaws of Tiger. Developers will have a handle on many of the important new features of the language by the end of the first chapter, and be neck deep in code before they hit page twenty. Through more than fifty working code samples, theyill get complete, practical coverage of generics, learn how boxing and unboxing affects type conversion, understand the power of variable arguments, learn how to write enumerated types and annotations, master Javais formatting methods and in for/in loop, and even get a grip on concurrency in the new JVM.

For those wanting a sneak preview of the book, OiReilly has made Chapter 3, "Enumerated Types," available online. You can find more information on the book at OiReillyis Web site. The title is priced at US$29.95, and Amazon is offering it for US$20.37.