O'Reilly Publishes "Modding Mac OS X: Extreme Makeovers for Your Mac"

OiReilly has published a new Mac OS X book titled, Modding Mac OS X: Extreme Makeovers for Your Mac. The book was written by Erica Sadun, a self-described "advocate for those who want to take control of their Macs." Its goal is to show Mac users not only hacks for modding Mac OS X, but how and why those hacks do what they do.

According to OiReilly, the book will show you how to do the following:

  • Find hidden features in your favorite applications
  • Give your Dock a makeover
  • Dive inside application bundles to find secret resources
  • Explore application and system resources
  • Customize application icons
  • Hack property list files
  • Discover undocumented preferences
  • Alter an applicationis interface
  • Script the unscriptable, and more

The book is priced at US$24.95, and you can find more information on it at OiReillyis Web site.