O'Reilly Publishes Two Books For Digital Photographers

OiReilly Media has published two new books aimed at digital photographers: "Photoshop CS2 RAW" and "Window Seat: The Art of Digital Photography & Creative Thinking." The former is a US$34.99, 232-page book that covers every aspect of the RAW workflow, from when, why and how to shoot in that format to using Adobeis Camera RAW plug-in to automating tasks.

The latter is a $39.99, 152-page tome that documents the thousands of photos taken through airplane windows by Adobe digital imaging evangelist Julieanne Kost. The book showcases over 150 of her pictures and offers advice on ways that anyone can work more creatively. In addition, it covers the imaging techniques Ms. Kost uses to turn her photos into works of art, including working with Photoshop CS2 and Adobeis Camera RAW plug-in.