O'Reilly Releases InDesign How-To Book

In addition to Mac OS X Power Hound, OiReilly has also released a new book called Adobe InDesign CS One-on-One, by Adobe Certified Expert Deke McClelland. The book uses a lessons and exercise approach to teach readers "what to do, and why," when it comes to using InDesign.

According to OiReilly, subjects covered in the book include:

  • Learning InDesign the best way--by putting the program through its paces. In twelve information-packed lessons, McClelland walks readers through more than fifty practical and useful projects, pointing out helpful tips and hard-won insights along the way. Every file readers need is included
    on the accompanying CD.
  • Two hours of video instruction hosted by the author and produced by computer training pioneers, Total Training. Readers can peek over McClellandis shoulder as he introduces the key concepts for each lesson
    and shows how to get real work done in real time.
  • More than 600 full-color images, diagrams, and screen shots to illustrate every key step along the way. "Youire never left scratching your head, puzzling over what to do next," assures McClelland.
  • "Extra Credit" sections that show readers how to tap into InDesignis powerful--and sometimes arcane--features to give documents a professional polish.
  • Multiple-choice quizzes follow each lesson--a great teaching tool for educators and great way for new users to test their knowledge.

You can find more information on the book at OiReillyis Web site. The title is priced at US$44.95 ($30.57 - Amazon).