O'Reilly Releases New Network Security Guide

OiReilly & Associates has published a new book titled; "Network Security Assessment". The book, written by Chris McNab, is a guide for evaluating and securing an IP based network. Using techniques developed by analysts and consultants, the book provides a methodical approach to securing networks. According to OiReilly & Associates:

An increasingly popular approach to network security is to think like the bad guys: by understanding the methods and motivations of those who attempt to penetrate your defenses, youill be better able to withstand their assault.

"Network Security Assessment" by former-teen-hacker-turned-security-analyst Chris McNab provides a methodical approach to identifying and assessing the risks in computer networks.

Using steps laid out by professional security analysts and consultants to identify and assess risks, the book offers an efficient testing model that network administrators can adopt, refine, and reuse to create defensive strategies to protect their systems from the threats that are out there, as well as those still being developed.

The book focuses on a single area of network security in detail: that of undertaking IP-based network security assessment in a structured and logical way. Over the last five years, McNab has achieved a one hundred percent success rate in compromising the networks of financial services companies and multinational corporations. With "Network Security Assessment," McNab hopes to use his expertise to help others by clearly defining an effective best practice network assessment methodology.

You can find more information about "Network Security Assessment" at the OiReilly & Associates Web site. The book is available for US$39.95.