OS X 10.0.1 On The Way?

Both Macworld UK and Think Secret are reporting that an update to Mac OS X, thought to be version 10.0.1, will be delivered to the public shortly. To make matters even more interesting, Wincent.org is reporting that versions of OS X 10.0.1, or build 4L5, have actually been circulating around the Internet for the last couple of days. Even better, Wincent has installed the OS update and has given a complete list of files that the update added or changed.

Think Secret broke this story last weekend, by reporting that Apple actually had the update ready to go last Saturday when OS X was officially released, but felt that releasing an update on top of the official first release would not look good for the company. According to Think Secret:

Appleis original plans were to release an update to Mac OS X alongside OS Xis release this Saturday. The update would be available through the Software Update app in Mac OS X, and would optimize performance and improve several system componants.

The update is completely ready in all regards, but Think Secret has learned Apple has made a last-minute decision to wait a bit -- possibly a week or more -- before releasing it. This is primarily for image reasons: releasing the final version and an update on the same day could easily cultivate a negative impression of the release.

Macworld UK is reporting, as is Wincent, that the update adds SSH (Secure Shell) functionality to the OS, important for remote access connections. According to Macworld UK:

The installer is expected to be a 4MB download. It changes the Core Services directory, SSH (secure shell) support, installs additional drivers, and updates elements of AppleShare. It also adds Multimedia command sets, a selection of USB drivers and seemingly improves Mac OS Xis compatibility with some digital cameras, it is claimed.

Signs seem to indicate that an update is on the way, and one that many OS X users will be pleased to get their hands on.

You can find more information about OS X at the Apple Web site.