OS X 2D Side-scrolling Game Development From Sawblade Software

Sawblade Software has released a new app for Mac OS X developers, The Green Machine. The Green Machine is a game development app designed for creating original 2D side-scrolling action games. Using SO X, the app features simple game creation tools including custom parameters like animation sequences and level structuring. According to Sawblade Software:

Sawblade Software excitedly announces the release of The Green Machine. Now you can create action games for Mac OS X.

Ever wanted to design a game like Super Metroid or Donkey Kong Country? You can do it with the Green Machine. Inspired by the Neo•Geo but built for Mac OS X, The Green Machine is the 2D side-scrolling computer game engine of the future.

Creating a game for the Green Machine involves no programming and no scripting. Thanks to Mac OS X, game content is stored within a nicely structured folder hierarchy hidden inside the application itself.

Assign parameters such as hit points and movement speeds by opening an easy-to-read text file and plugging in the numbers. Assemble animation sequences by dropping image files into well-labeled subfolders. Determine the placement of a levelis walls, floors, and ceilings by painting a black and white collision map.

You wonit have to learn how to use any complex level editing programs because The Green Machine lets you create your entire game with tools you already know how to use, like Photoshop and SimpleText.

You can find more information about The Green Machine release at the Sawblade Software Web site. The Green Machine is available for US$15.00.