OS X App To Be Displayed At MACWORLD

CS Odessa will be at the upcoming MACWORLD Expo in full force. They will be displaying their flagship product, ConceptDraw, for Mac OS X. A number of other applications will also be on display, and users will get a clear picture on CS Odessais OS X plans. According to CS Odessa:

Computer Systems Odessa Corp. announced thatthe company will be taking part at MacWorld Expo SF 2001, January 9-12. Companybooth is #3447 (Computer Systems Odessa)

At the Expo, they will demonstrate a number of products, some of which have notyet been announced to public. The products that will be exhibited include:

  • MacOS X version of ConceptDraw - the popular package for diagramming,business and technical drawing.
  • ConceptDraw Server - a tool for super-easy publishing of ConceptDrawdocuments on the Web. It allows anyone to view ConceptDraw documents via theInternet using just any Internet browser.

Also, CS-Odessa will reveal some facts about v2.0 of ConceptDraw, scheduled forrelease later in year 2001. Among other events, the company plans meeting withthe users to discuss desired improvements in the software and fine-tuning it tothe customersi needs.CS-Odessa will be offering a special discount program for their softwareproducts, effective during the Expo.

Apart from exhibiting their products, the company will discuss strategicpartnership with the leading Macintosh developers and distributors.

You can find more information about all of their products at the CS Odessa web site.