OS X Beta Screensaver Password Fix Available

Users of the English version of OS X Beta have had problems getting the screensaver password feature to properly work. No fear, Public Access Software has come to the rescue. They have released a patch that allows the screensaver password feature to properly function. According to Public Access Software:

We have created a fix for the Mac OS X Screen Saver Password option not working on English versions of OS X.

The fix basically replaces the Screen Saveris interface component with one that is properly configured. This allows you to have a password, the same as the active account, lock out the Mac OS X Screen Saver when active.

Instructions are included, its as simple as opening several folders and exchanging a single item.

This fix is NOT authorized, supported or otherwise endorsed by Apple Computer. Public Access Software is not offering any warranty or liability support for using this "fix" in any way shape or form. Use it at your own risk.

You can find more information at the Public Access Software web site.