OS X Bridges The Gap At Stanford

Stanford University discovers what OS X users have known for some time now; OS X delivers the best of 3 worlds. Appleis Hot News highlights Stanford Universityis Dr. Micheal Cherry, whose research in computational biology required the use of three systems; an iMac, a PC, and a UNIX system, but not anymore since OS X. Dr. Cherry says,

?We do computational biology , we retrieve data, perform various calculations and comparisons, and we make the results available to the scientific community. In my case, on my desk I used to have an iMac, a PC, and an X terminal ? a UNIX box ? and switched back and forth between the three, depending on where the tool that I needed was located. It was pretty crazy until Mac OS X came along.?

With OS X, Dr. Cherry is able to combine all three systems into a seamless working environment. As Dr. Cherry puts it:

?Mac OS X has the UNIX infrastructure, and it?s working just great for us. Now we can download Mac-compiled versions of all of our favorite UNIX tools through the ?Fink ? system. These are all basic development tools that UNIX people have become used to, such as the GNU [freeware] packages. With Mac OS X, it?s just effortless.?

The Hot News article give some great insight into how Macs running OS X can easily fit into environemtns once relagated to PCs or UNIX workstation. Stop by for a read.