OS X Bumped To 10.1.3 With Bug Fixes & Enhancements

Apple has released the next version of OS X, bringing the OS to version 10.1.3. The new update brings fixes and enhancements to many areas of OS X, including wider CD burner compatibility, better camera support in iPhoto, and LDAP and Active Directory support. The new version is currently only available through Software Update, which give this information:

Update 10.1.3 delivers enhancements that improve the reliability of Mac OS X applications, important security features and includes new and updated support for a variety of Digital Hub peripheral devices. Specific updates include:

  • CD Disc Recording Peripherals:
    • Expanded support for QPS, EZQuest, LaCie, Yamaha, MCE Technologies and Sony devices
  • Image Capture and iPhoto:
    • Improved support for several digital camera models from Canon, Kodak and Sony
  • Graphics and OpenGL Improvements:
    • DVD Playback on external VGA displays on PowerBook G4
    • PowerBook video mirroring will be on by default when connecting to a new display
    • Improvements for iTunes when the full screen visualizer is used
  • Networking and Security Improvements:
    • Login authentication support for LDAP and Active Directory services
    • OpenSSH version 3.0.2p1
    • WebDAV support for Digest authentication
    • Mail includes support for SSL encryption

As of this writing, you can find the update in the Software Update Control Panel.

Spin: To all those who trashed their systems with pre-release leaked beta builds of 10.1.3, this one is probably safe. We are delighted to see yet another update be released by Apple, especially the new security features and improvements.