OS X Calculator App Updated

MacZ Software has updated their calculator application, BetterCalc, to version 3.4. BetterCalc offers users with a more powerful application than the Macis built-in calculator, and the latest version is Carbonized to run natively under Mac OS X. According to MacZ Software:

MacZ Software has rolled out version 3.4 of itis shareware calculator application, BetterCalc. The new version improves overall compliance with Mac OS X look and feel, by adding the ability to minimize a window from the keyboard, and support for Window menu, GoreGraphics antialiasing (in text fields and elsewhere), and Mac OS X "unsaved bullet". Also the font sizes in advanced calculator mode are more adjustable, and the support for sheets (document-modal dialog boxes) has been implemented.

BetterCalc is a calculator that can display everything you type as you type it, while constantly auto-updating the total. BetterCalc also supports the true mathematical order of operation, as well as exponents and brackets.

BetterCalc is available for US$8. You can find more information at the MacZ Software Web site.