OS X Compatible BBEdit Lite 6.1 Released

Bare Bones Software has released an OS X compatible version of BBEdit Lite 6.1. BBEdit Lite is a powerful and popular text editing utility, and the new version features several feature enhancements including the ability to handle quoted text, such as what is found in e-mail messages. According to Bare Bones Software:

Bare Bones Software today announced the immediate availability of version 6.1 of BBEdit Lite(tm), the premier free text editor for the Mac OS. This is a major update, and is the first release of the product to run natively on Mac OS X.

Whatis New
BBEdit Lite 6.1 features many significant improvements and new features, including Navigation Services and Appearance Manager support, QuickTime image translation and movie playback, improved multi-file searching capabilities, enhanced "grep" syntax, improved plug-in support, and more.

In addition to running natively on Mac OS X, BBEdit Lite 6.1 fully supports older versions of the Mac OS back to System 7.5.5.

The Text Editing Standard
Since the first release of BBEdit Lite in 1993, its speed, power, and ease of use (including transparent cross-platform file format handling) have made it the premier freeware text editing platform for the Macintosh. It offers a wide variety of tools to make writing, editing, processing, or searching any type of text as quick and easy as possible.

BBEdit Lite has always used the same high-performance text processing engine that makes the commercial version of BBEdit the ultimate HTML and text editor. BBEdit Lite 6.1 builds on this same solid foundation, while adding more features and conveniences over previous Lite versions. For example, BBEdit Lite 6.1 now offers powerful tools for working with quoted text (as found in email messages and Usenet news articles): "Rewrap Quoted Text", "Increase Quote Level", "Decrease Quote Level", and "Strip Quotes".

BBEdit Lite 6.1, as always, is available for free. You can find more information at the Bare Bones Software Web site.