OS X Compatible Internet Scheduling Software Updated

WebEvent, Inc. has updated their Internet/intranet based calendar and scheduling application of the same name to version 3.4.3. WebEvent allows users to post calendars and schedules on line for other users to modify or share, and the new version is compatible with OS X. According to WebEvent, Inc.:

We have completed testing WebEvent 3.4 with MacOS X and Windows 2000 and are fully compatible. We have also just released WebEvent 3.4.3 which eliminates several bugs that:

  • Prevented WebEvent from entering "safe mode" when an invalid SMTP server was specified
  • Prevented the sending of certain email reminders
  • Included default text ("http://") from the "Title Image URL" and "Title URL" fields in every event change notification
  • Caused several incompatibilities with Perl 4

WebEvent has three main features.

1. Group Calendaring and Scheduling
WebEvent reduces the hassle of scheduling meetings and managing project deadlines. Users can schedule meetings from anywhere on the Web.

2. Event Publishing
Install WebEvent on an Internet site to share event information like sports schedules, musical performances, or school lunch menus with the public. Or, use WebEvent on an intranet to inform an internal audience about organization information.

3. Resource Management
Managing room and equipment reservations doesnit have to be a full-time job. Assign a WebEvent calendar to each resource (conference room, laptop, vehicle, or condo) and eliminate sloppy and efficient pen-and-paper sign-up sheets.

Pricing for WebEvent depends on the number of users. You can find more information at the WebEvent Web site.