OS X Coverage With An International Flavor

A new Mac OS X news site has launched, Mac OS X Italia. The new site features news and commentary in both Italian and English. Mac OS X Italia will offer news and perspectives on Appleis latest OS, with a distinctly European focus. According to Mac OS X Italia:

MacPremium Interactive Media today announced the creation of a new Mac OS X-related web site in Italian and English Language.

The name of the site is "Mac OS X Italia", it contains daily Mac OS X news from Italy and from other countries, commentary, reviews, features and troubleshooting on Apple Mac OS X. In this portal is available the Forum of the X-Fans, the free Newsletter, the pool about the X System, the Mp3 search engine, the selection of the best Mac site and more services.

You can find more information, and OS X news, at the Mac OS X Italia web site.