OS X Developer Tool Updated

Public Access Software has updated their development utility, Tape, to version 1.5b1. The application allows developers to easily create "bundles" or "packages" for transporting and installing software. The latest version includes complete OS X support. According to Public Access Software:

Public Access Software today has released Tape 1.5b1.

Tape is a utility for software developers that can covert folders into application "packages". Packages contain numerous application files and folders in a single consolidated format which appears as a single file in the Finder.

Tape 1.5 has been extensively redesigned again and is now a CarbonLib 1.1 application. Tape 1.5 fully supports Mac OS X "bundles" which are an enhanced package format intended for use on Appleis next generation operating system.

This is a public beta release that is feature complete, but may contain minor outstanding issues yet to be resolved.

Tape 1.5b1 can create a complete Mac OS X bundle including all require folders and files, a Mac OS X-compatible icon file and can generate internal links to folders within the bundle for use by the application.

Tape is available as shareware for US$10. You can find more information at the Public Access Software web site.