OS X Firewall Protection From Glucose

Glucose has released a new app for the Mac, Impasse. Impasse is a Macintosh OS X firewall app designed for system security against hacking. Impasse features launch from the System Preferences with an interface and simple "Start" function. According to Glucose:

Glucose today introduced Impasse, the first commercially available firewall for Mac OS X that works within the System Preferences application. We believe we have succeeded in creating a tool that will appeal to the most technophobic user while still satisfying advanced users.

Mac OS X already comes with a built-in firewall accessible only via the terminal. Impasse hides this daunting and arcane tool behind an interface that users of Mac OS X already understand. Just click "Start" and your computer is secure.

For the casual user, Impasse automatically checks which services are running (such as Apache Web Server or Remote Login) and opens or closes firewall holes automatically. Intelligently reacting to a useris active services in this manner is currently only available with Impasse.

More ambitious users can switch to the advanced interface to control the full power and flexiblity of the command line firewall, wrapped in a beautiful Cocoa user experience.

You can find more information about Impasse at the Glucose Web site. Imapsse is available for US$10.00.