OS X Gamers Get Some Good News

OS X users itching to play "native" games received a bit of good news today. A set of MacQuake tools has been released in Carbonized form, and a Carbonized version of the Maximum Pool demo has also been released.

The MacQuake toolsare made by Giles Williams, and include a number of map editing/creation tools. According to Mr. Williams:

These utilities were compiled with GCC from the unmodified early-release source files from idsoftware, using the makefile options for NEXTSTEP.

To use them under OSX, youill need to use the terminal and be au-fait not only with the use of these tools but also with executing unix command line utilities.

It should be possible to write very simple GUIis to wrap the functionality of these programs (using Appleis Development tools), I just havnit done it yet.

The Maximum Pool demo is from Sierra, and allows users to play a realistic type of pool game, with a wide variety of game play options. According to MacGameFiles:

This demo was designed to give you a taste of what the full game has to offer. In this demo you play 8-Ball, one of the 12 games from Sierra Sports Maximum Pool. You play with people from all around the world. Arrange to meet your friends and family online!

Things to look forward to in the full version of Maximum Pool:

  • 12 games--7 Classic games and 5 original Cool games
  • Easy online play
  • Great Music for every game
  • Videos to teach you to play
  • Fun for the Whole Family

You can find more information about these games at their respective web sites.