OS X Groupware App In The Works

StudioSendai.com announced the upcoming release of GroupVille, a browser-based groupware built with Appleis WebObjects. As an introductory offer, GroupVille Lite will be available for free if pre-ordered before August 31, 2000. According to StudioSendai.com:

GroupVille Lite includes personal storage spaces for all users, messaging, a shared calendar, contact management as well as shared bookmarks and discussions storage. English and German are supported. Additional languages will be made available later this year. GroupVille servers can be accessed from any recent web browser. No client-side Java is required.

Introductory pricing for the full edition of GroupVille bundled with the SQL92-compliant FrontBase database server from FrontBase, Denmark, was also extended until August 31, 2000.

The full version will be available starting below US$1000. GroupVille 1.0 will be available this summer for Mac OS X Server with Apple WebObjects and later for Windows NT/2000 with Apple WebObjects. You can find more information, including the demo, at GroupVille web site.