OS X Icons Everywhere!

Icons.cx, one of the leaders in providing high quality icons for use with Appleis OS X, has released a new icon set, Spiffy Apps IV. The Spiffy Apps series contains application replacement icons that look beautiful under OS X. Volume IV includes a host of replacement icons for games, as well as a number of mainstream programs. According to Icons.cx:

It recently dawned on us that a year ago this week, we relaunched www.icons.cx with a new design, tons of icons for Mac OS X Server, and Spiffy Apps, a collection of 32-bit icons thatis since become immensely popular. So we figured it was time to end our recent hiatus and post some new stuff...

Today weire releasing the fourth installment in the Spiffy Apps series. Lots of people kept asking us to icons for certain games, so thatis the majority of this set. Itis not a complete theme, though... Lots of people asked us for Quark, Audion, and InDesign, too, so we threw them in too.

Thereis also a minor update to Spiffy Apps (number one, the original) that makes the OS X StuffIt icons look a lot better.

Stay tuned... weive got a lot coming in the next few weeks, too. Gotta get this stuff out before we move cross-country at Christmas. :)

You can find more information, along with a complete collection of OS X icons, at the Icons.cx web site.