OS X Image Management Application Released

TechSono has released a new application for Mac OS X for storing and organizing digital images, PhotoControlMac for OS X. PhotoControlMac allows users to organize and display digital images via a simple drag-and-drop interface. According to TechSono:

TechSono has released PhotoControlMac for OS X. PhotoControlMac makes organizing your image and multimedia collection as easy as dragging around little pictures.

Need to gather up all the pictures of trees on your hard drive and copy them to a new folder? Do you have thousands of images and you want to go through and get rid of the ones you don?t like? Do you need to create a sequence of images from a jumbled collection? Do you want to reorganize existing files into to new folders without altering the originals? Use PhotoControlMac and it?s all as easy as dragging around little pictures.

PhotoControlMac uses the concept of a light table. A light table is something a photographer uses to easily view a large number of slides at the same time. The top of the light table is made of frosted glass which is illuminated from from below with a light source. Since PhotoControlMac runs on your OS X computer, it is much more convenient to use than the real thing.

With PhotoControlMac you simply select a folder and a small thumbnail of each file is placed on your LightTable. Naturally you can control the size of the thumbnails from 32x32 pixels all the way up to 1024x1024 pixels. You can have as many LightTable windows open as you like. Each one can be configured differently. Itis easy to use. Itis fast. Itis flexible. Itis PhotoControlMac.

Main Features of PhotoControlMac 1.0.0:

  • Drag and Drop used extensively
  • Multiple LightTables
  • Move/Copy/Sequence files
  • Thumbnail Sizes from 32x32 to 1024x1024 pixels
  • Supports any type of file
  • Resize LightTables in 128 pixel increments
  • Add Captions
  • Random selection feature makes selecting thumbnails easy
  • Remove thumbnails
  • Delete files from hard drive
  • CacheAll feature
  • Imports files from selected folder and any nested folders

PhotoControlMac for OS X is available for US$40. You can find more information at the TechSono Web site.