OS X Is Here, Now Customize Those Icons!

Iconfactory has caught OS X fever as well and are releasing a series of OS X icons starting today. The new X icons offer a wide range of replacement icons for applications, files, and folders. The OS X Fest promises to offer something that will interest every new OS X user. According to Iconfactory:

In celebration of the official release of Appleis new operating system, Mac OS X, the Iconfactory is proud to announce an entire week of new, free and original icon sets at the factory.

The sets that will be released this week as part of our OS X Fest feature the new, larger 128x128 pixel thumbnail icons that Apple has now made famous. These larger icons are used in the OSis windows, on the desktop and particularly in the new "Dock" that serves as the launching point for many of the OSis features. One of the important things The Iconfactory has strives for in their icon creations is to create icons that work well at both the larger sizes as well as the traditional 32x32 grid that users are used to. Icons are tweaked for their individual sizes so that maximum clarity and usability is assured.

The five icons sets that will be released as part of Mac OS X Fest span a wide range of interests and styles on the part of the artists. Weive attempted to create sets that would appeal to many different users, from tech heads to newbies to kids. Weire sure that OS X Fest will offer something of interest to everyone. We invite you to stop by each day and download the latest offering for your brand new OS. Weire sure you wonit be disappointed.

You can find more information about OS X Fest, as well as about all of their great OS 8/9 icons, at the Iconfactory Web site.