OS X Makes Big Screen Debut In MIB: II

Welcome back to Mac Sightings. Todayis Mac Sighting shows us how Macs will, in the future, assist in saving the world from the scum of the universe.

As posted in our forums by Observer HOM, it seems that OS X is ready for its close-up, Mr. DeMille. Men in Black II opened on July 3 in theaters across America, and our beloved OS X makes an appearance on screen. Says HOM:

I saw it yesterday and lo and behold OS X shows up. The cool thing was that the screen was round, so they modified OSX to be round too. I liked how the Dock curved to fit the bottom of the screen.

For years Apple hardware has been placed in movies; itis about time that the software got some lovini.

Weire also very excited to hear that OS X is getting the face time that it deserves. Itis great to see the software showing up, and not just the hardware. Aqua has its own "cool factor," and though manipulated to fit on the round screen in the movie, we like that itis getting the exposure that was formerly reserved for the hardware alone.

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