OS X Menu Bar Utility Updated

MacPowerUser has updated their handy OS X utility, MenuStrip, to version 1.2.1. MenuStrip is a multi-purpose application that adds a number of handy features to OS X. MenuStrip adds a clock in the Menu Bar, much like the clock is OS 9. MenuStrip also adds volume and monitor resolution controls to the Menu Bar, and provides a number of "Hide/Show Application" options. Among other changes, the new version adds a mute button to the volume control. According to MacPowerUser:

MenuStrip is a multi-purpose utility for Mac OS X that allows quick access to frequently used settings, such as the computer volume and monitor controls, right from the OS X menubar. It also features a menubar clock for easy viewing of the current time.

One of the most useful features in MenuStrip is the "Hide All Other Applications" toggle button. When this button is enabled all open applications, except for the front-most program, become hidden. When switching apps, the newly activated application becomes visible while all others become hidden. Every time a new application becomes active, all the others automatically hide their windows out of view.

Option-clicking the same button will unhide all open applications, making all windows visible. Control-clicking the hide button makes every on screen window become hidden.

MenuStrip has been updated to version 1.2.1! This release is mainly to fix a few bugs and add a much-requested "Mute" button to the volume control. Below are a few of the changes in this update:

  • Added a mute button to the volume control
  • Volume and hide button states are now saved after quitting
  • "0 Hz" refresh rate is no longer displayed for resolutions on LCD monitors
  • A few other misc. bug fixes

MenuStrip is available for US$12. You can find more information at the MacPowerUser web site.