OS X Menubar Utility Updated

Mac PowerUser has updated their multi-purpose OS X menubar utility, MenuStrip, to version 1.2. The new version includes a host of new features including an option to display the date, and alarm clock, hourly chimes, and an amazingly useful "hide after switch" feature. According to Mac PowerUser:

After receiving an incredible amount of feedback since our recent release of MenuStrip 1.0, weive been working hard towards making MenuStrip one the most useful utilities for Mac OS X! Below are some of the many new features included in version 1.2:

  • MenuStrip now runs without displaying its icon in the Dock
  • Alarm clock capabilities with the option to chime on the hour / user selectable sounds for the alarmis buzzer and one-hour chimes
  • Clicking on the Menu clock shows the dayis date
  • The preferences panel includes many new settings for adjusting the display of the date and time: options to show the day of the week, 24-hour based time display, custom color settings, etc.
  • Improved resolution switching support, including support for higher resolutions as well as displaying the refresh rate beside each resolution setting

One of the most useful new features in MenuStrip is the "Hide All Other Applications" menu toggle button. When this button is enabled all open applications, except for the front-most program, become hidden. When switching apps, the newly activated application becomes visible while all others become hidden. Every time a new application becomes active, all the others automatically hide their windows out of view.

Option-clicking the same button will unhide all open applications, making all windows visible. Control-clicking the hide button makes every on screen window become hidden.

MenuStrip is a multi-purpose utility for Mac OS X that allows quick access to frequently used settings, such as the computer volume and monitor controls, right from the OS X menubar. It also features a menubar clock for easy viewing of the current time.

MenuStrip is available for US$12. You can find more information at the Mac PowerUser web site.