OS X Multiplicity: Math App Update For Teachers

Fast Rabbit Software has released an update for Master the Facts Multiplication for OS X. This new version is designed for use with Mac OS X, and provides an environment for learning multiplication facts that is less entertainment and more training. According to Fast Rabbit Software:

This program was made in direct response to teachers asking for math software that was more educational than entertainment. Master the Facts Multiplication for OS X is a no-nonsense approach to aiding students in learning their multiplication facts.

This version brings the OS X up to par with the v1.4 release for classic Mac OS. The most significant enhancement is the ability to print results of quizzes including score, time, date, and optionally the studentis name. This version is intended for OS X (10.0) or higher. A version for Mac OS 8.1-9.1 is also available as a separate download from our web site.

You can find more information about Master the Facts Multiplication at the Fast Rabbit Software Web site. Master the Facts Multiplication is available shareware for US$9.95.