OS X Productivity Suite Nears Completion, Beta Available

LinxSoftware has announced that their productivity application for Macintosh is now available for download in beta form. Originally scheduled to be released last week, the company announced that after a short delay the program is ready for download. Geared toward OS X, OS 9.0.4 users may download a demo to get a feel for what the software will be able to do. LinxSoftware aims to have the first fully functional productivity suite available for OS X once OS X finally ships. According to LinxSoftware:

In anticipation for this release we are inviting all potential customers to our brand new Web site. to learn further about this release. We are very excited at the overwhelming response to LinxSoftware and hope the Macintosh community can embrace this new application with our free 15 day trial.

LinxSoftware is proud to announce today that the final release date of that software - which is now in beta - has been brought forward from January 2001 to November 2000. Allowing the Macintosh community to benefit from this release months earlier than planned.

We would also like to note a change to the System Requirements of the LinxSoftware Public Beta. Although LinxSoftware is fully Carbon and MacOS X compliant, the beta will require only a G3 or G4 computer running MacOS 9.0.4 and not MacOS X.

You can find more information about LinxSoftwareis offerings at their Web site.