OS X SANcube Now Shipping

MicroNet Technology is now shipping an OS X compatible version of SANcube. SANcube is an online storage device capable of storage sizes up to 720 GB. The OS X version features X-stream arrays with striping across two FireWire busses for sustained 65MB/sec throughput. According to MicroNet Technology:

MicroNet Technology, an innovator in storage solutions, today announced MacOS X compatible configurations of its award winning SANcube, the industryis first FireWire SAN (Storage Area Network).

The single user SANcube provides up to 720 GB of online storage and delivers up to 33 MB/sec data throughput. The new dual channel SANcube X-stream arrays up to 720GB capacity, provides even faster throughput, by striping data across two FireWire busses to achieve up to 65 MB/sec sustained throughput.

You can find more information about the OS X version of SANcube at the MicroNet Technology Web site. The OS X upgrade, which the company says consists of software and firmware, is available for US$269.00 by shipping the product back to MicroNet Technology. The full 720 GB SANcube retails for US$4,599.00.