OS X Server 2.0 On The Horizon?

Late last week, Apple re-posted eight TIL articles regarding the Mac OS X Server. The Mac OS X server, in its original form, was a hodge-podge of Apple and NeXT technologies. Apple has, however, promised us an updated version of OS X Server, one that was expected to ship shortly after Mac OS X 10.0 was available.

MacCentral reported yesterday that OS X Server 2.0 Beta 2 was seeded to developers last week. That report, combined with the highlighted OS X Server TIL articles, may be pointing to the imminent release of the Aqua based OS X Server product.

As of press time, Apple did not respond to our requests for information regarding OS X Server, and the re-posting of the OS X Server TIL articles.

You can find the OS X Server TIL articles by conducting a keyword search for "OS X Server" at the Apple Tech Info Library Web site, and you can find more information about OS X Server at the Apple Web site.