OS X System Wide Scripting Language Available

Philippe Mougin has released a beta version of a new system wide scripting language for Mac OS X, F-Script. F-Script is designed to work within OS Xis Cocoa framework, and provides an object oriented environment for more advanced programming. According to Mr. Mougin:

F-Script is an open source scripting environment for Mac OS X.

F-Script is based on Smalltalk syntax and concepts, but instead of using Smalltalkis object model and frameworks, it uses the Cocoa object model and Cocoa frameworks. F-Script provides interactive and scripting access to Cocoa objects

It also introduces a brand new model for high level object oriented programming (including sophisticated object query capacities), based on an advanced integration between object techniques and array technology.

Finally, it sports an innovative object browser for graphical interactions with Cocoa objects: interactively invoke methods on Cocoa objects, or on your own custom Objective-C objects, without writing a line of code.

F-Script is Open Source and available for free. You can find more information at the F-Script Web site.