OS X Utility For Printing Finder Window Contents Updated

SearchWare Solutions has updated Print Window, the companyis Mac OS X utility for printing the contents of a Finder window. The new version, 2.1.1, is both a bug fix release and a .1 release in that the original 2.1 release was pulled as soon as it was released due to a bug. The new features include performance improvements and a new feature. From SearchWare Solutions:

SearchWare Solutions is proud to announce the release Print Window 2.1.1, its popular utility for printing file listings from directly within the Mac OS X Finder. The new version adds a couple of user-requested features and fixes a few bugs.

Version 2.1.1 adds the ability to initiate the generation of a file listing from Print Windowis Dock Menu. It also makes several under-the-hood changes that greatly improve the reliability of the Command-P shortcut. The release also fixes several bugs, including an incorrect "Application Not Responding" message.

A Version 2.1 release was released on June 4 but was quickly pulled after a crashing bug was discovered that was introduced with that version. Version 2.1.1 also fixes this bug.

Although Mac OS X is light-years ahead of the Classic Mac OS in many ways, there are still some ways in which the Classic Mac OS Finder is superior to the Mac OS X Finder. One of these ways is the Classic Finderis ability to print the contents of Finder windows. The Mac OS X Finder has no such built-in functionality.

Print Window is an easy-to-use utility designed to rectify this deficiency. With Print Window, users can generate and print full file listings for any volume or directory from directly within the Mac OS X Finder.

Not only can Print Window generate simple file listings, it can also generate complex listings including file information, icons and even the contents of subfolders (something the Classic Finder could not easily accomplish).

Print Window is Donationware (use it, and if you like, make a donation to the developers). You can find more information and download links for the utility at the companyis Web site.