OS X Version Of IPNetMonitor Released

Sustainable Softworks has released IPNetMonitorX for Mac OS X. IPNetMonitorX is a network utility designed for Web developers and administrators. The app ships with several diagnostic tools including a graphic data display Monitor. According to Sustainable Softworks:

Sustainable Softworks, developers of award-winning Mac networking and security software, has released version 1.0 of IPNetMonitorX, its popular set of network diagnostic tools, now native for Mac OS X.

IPNetMonitorX v1.0 improves on the Network Utility included in Mac OS X with new implementations that are more responsive, intuitive, and visually easier to work with, as well as perform functions that could not be performed by the corresponding unix tools.

Verions 1.0 adds the much-requested Monitor tool to IPNetMonitorX. The tool graphically displays transmitted and received data. Users can open multiple windows to monitor more than one interface at a time, with the bsd name of the interface displayed in the title while monitoring. The Monitor window can be opened by default when the application is launched and viewed in a miniaturized Dock window.

You can find more information about the IPNetMonitor release at the Sustainable Softworks Web site. IPNetMonitor 1.0 is available for US$40.00.