OS X Version Of ScrapIt Pro Released

John V. Holder Software has released an OS X version of ScrapIt Pro. ScrapIt Pro is a utility designed to expand the basic Mac clipboard feature set. The app ships with file search support and text format conversion. According to John V. Holder Software:

Announcing the release of the all new OSX native version of ScrapIt Pro X!

ScrapIt Pro X, is the editable, searchable multimedia scrapbook for OSX... and a mini-word processor to boot! Anything you can copy to the clipboard can be pasted and stored in a ScrapIt Pro X file. Need a place to store, sort, display and search all of your text notes, Finder clippings, movies, sounds, images? Look no further, ScrapIt Pro X is the utility youive been looking for!

Here are a few of the things it will do for you:

  • Store, sort and view images (TIFF, jpeg, Gif, PICT, png, and more)
  • Store, sort and view PDF files
  • Store, sort and view Finder clipping files (images and text)
  • Store anything you can copy to the clipboard for later retrieval
  • Store and play sounds and movies
  • Import, edit, create, print any text file (plain text, rich text (rtf & rtfd), html, etc.)
  • Convert between text formats (plain text, rich text, html)
  • Import ANY file by drag & drop, selecting multiple files with an open sheet or pasting
  • Folders in a scrap file can be nested for the ultimate in organization
  • Search by text, name or comments
  • Export any scrap items easily
  • Play slide shows with selected images
  • And so much more!

You can find more information about the SnapIt Pro X release at the John V. Holder Software Web site. Upgrades from the Classic version are available for US$5.00, while the full version is available for US425.00.