OS X Web Browser Sees Improvements

Omni Group has released the latest version of their OS X web browser, OmniWeb. OmniWeb 4b4 includes a host of bug fixes, as well as a number of interface improvements. OmniWeb provides and alternative to the OS X version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. According to the Omni Group:

OmniWeb 4 beta 4 for Mac OS X DP4 is now available. OmniWeb is a web browser written in Objective-C with Appleis advanced Cocoa frameworks and as a fully native Mac OS X application takes advantage of the platformis strengths.

This most recent beta release includes many new features and bug fixes since the last release. Highlights include user interface enhancements in such areas as bookmarks and the preferences panel, improved JavaScript support, the ability to hide various controls at the top of the browser window, the addition of a favorites bar, initial Flash support (via Macromediais open Flash 4.0 code), an overview of OmniWebis recognized HTML, initial layer support, much improved cookie support, improved gamma support, support for IEis URL files, fix for a scheduler issue causing OmniWeb to stop relesing memory (or perform various other timed events), a complete rewrite and enhancement (still needs some work) of the table support, improvements to the history support, more advanced spoofing so that fewer sites will refuse us because weire not some other browser.

The beta version of OmniWeb 4 is available for free. You can find more information at the Omni Group web site.